Face-to-Facefor Family and Friends


Low-tech games provide an opportunity to talk face-to-face and enjoy quality time together—almost anywhere. Just ‘cuz it’s low-tech, does not necessarily mean it’s a chance to sit back and relax. Sit on the edge of your seat for a fun time with devices turned off and game-time turned on!


How can one bring a book to life–without batteries or a power cord? Check out these books—that do just that. They are all “interactive” whether it is popping physical buttons, turning specially stepped pages or actually “becoming” the characters in the books, it is here at your fingertips.


Poke-A-Dot®️ Series


Mask Books


E-Z Page Turners™ Series


Legend of the Gospel Train


Toddlers and preschoolers love to learn about animals and their families. With hands-on fun, they can poke the popping dots with a snap—just like in the original Poke-a-Dot®️ books—and now they can take them along in an easy to carry collectable size. Use the hook and loop strap to easily attach to a stroller and more.


Farm Series


Zoo Series


Ocean Series


Design Portfolio

What makes someone think they can design anything? Often it takes a person who sees a problem and decides to solve it rather than walk away. It really can be simply about making the world a better place. Maybe it starts at home. Maybe it proliferates… Is it a book? Is it a toy? Is it a game? Is it…

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