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How can one bring a book to life–without batteries or a power cord? Check out these books—that do just that. They are all “interactive” whether it is popping physical buttons, turning specially stepped pages or actually “becoming” the characters in the books, it is here at your fingertips.


Poke-A-Dot Series

Ages: 3+ years

These interactive books with sound effects do not require batteries! Poke the dots, popping the buttons with a snap, you and your child can count and identify fun illustrations.


Mask Books

Ages: Birth to 3 years

Enhance your youngster’s imagination as each page opens up to a new, adorably illustrated mask for you and your child to look through and pretend to be.

EZ Page Turners Stacked beauty Square Adj logo removed2019

E-Z Page Turners™ Series

Ages: Birth to 3 years

Even the smallest of children can discover the fun of reading as they easily turn the specially designed stepped pages, mastering the mechanics of page turning, and revealing fun pictures throughout.

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