(4) C4RD G4ME™

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A Crazy 8s Card Game
with a WILD 4-way twist !!!! 

Ages: 8+
Players: 2+
Contents: 112 Cards and Instructions


How to Win: Be first to get rid of all your cards. 


Basic GamePlay:
1. Match 1 of 8 colours*
2. Match number
3. Match icon
4. Play wild

Twisted Card Rules:
1. Discard in 4 piles
2. FOURs start play
3. Wilds stop play
4. Semi-Wilds limit choice

Unruly Card Choices:
1. Choose who gets cards
2. Choose whose turns get nixed
3. Or nix the card…
4. …back to who played it!


*Designed with the colourblind in mind!



This has been described as UNO® on steroids or Crazy Eights meets Chicken Foot dominoes. 

Let’s Go!

Start by discarding a FOUR card, forming one of four discard piles.  Continue taking turns, matching colour, number, icon, wild or by starting a new discard pile with a FOUR card.


Stop play!  The next card must be the colour called. If it is a Wild(+), choose who has to take the cards! All players in between lose their turn.

Nix and Nix Back!

Choose who will be nixed and/or change the direction of play. That player (and the players in between) lose their turn.  Or use immediately to nix a Take Card (+) and not be affected by it or deflect it back to them!


The first player to discard their last card wins!