EQUAL That!™

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A Memory Matching Game that Counts & Equals Family Fun! 

Ages: 6+
Players: 2+
Contents: 56 Cards and Instructions


How to Win: Get the most cards. 


Basic GamePlay: 
Flip over the first card and EQUAL That! amount with any number of subsequent cards. 
• If you do, keep the cards and continue your turn attempting to make additional sums. 
• If you donʼt, your turn is over. 
• Keep playing until no more sums can be made. 

The player with the most cards wins! 



Set up the game by shuffling the cards and forming a grid with the cards face-down.

Let’s Go!

Flip over one card. EQUAL That! with an exact match and take those two cards and go again.  But—

Is it less than that?

Continue flipping over cards, adding them up as you go.  But—

Did you go over?

Put back the cards.  However if you can use some of those cards to that EQUAL That!, only put back the cards that you don’t need and keep the rest.  But—

Did you EQUAL That! exactly?

Take all the cards and go again!

EQUAL=izer cards 

End a player’s turn and either add or subtract points from a player’s score.


Play continues until all the cards are gone or when a sum cannot be made.  The player with the most points wins!