Wranglers & Rustlers™

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A game of dice where the one who gits the biggest whoppin’ heap of points wins!

Ages: 8+
Players: 2+

Basic Game Contents: 6 Number Dice, 1 Action Die, 1 Label Sheet and Instructions

Deluxe Game Contents: The Basic Game
Plus: 25 Action Cards and 6 Cheat Sheet Cards
*Color of drawstring pouch may vary.


How to Win:
Be the first to git 7500 points. Earn points by rollin’ winning dice combinations and swindlin’ points. 

Gist of the Game:
Score by adding up point combinations each roll. Keep rolling if ya can—and git more points. Choose to stop—if ya want to keep whatcha got. Watch out, there could be a holdup.  A certain roll of the Action die can force ya to stop and keep what ya got.  Or even worse, it can force ya to fork over yer points to another player!

Deluxe Version Add-on: 

These deluxe Action cards can be slapped down to affect play.  They allow ya to keep rolling, nix the fork over, swindle someone’s points or git stopped by the sheriff.



Let’s Go!

Roll all seven dice. If ya roll points and a Green Horseshoe, ya can keep goin’.  Set aside the Action die and at least one die with points and roll them leftover dice fer more points (Wrangler/Rustler) or choose to stop and take what points ya got (Yellowbelly).

Scorin’ Points!

Ones and fives are always worth points.  Combinations thrown all in one roll can be worth way more.  See the Rules for them details.

But what about the other icons on that Action die?

Red Horseshoe means STOP whether ya like it or not.  The Pitchfork means fork over them points to another player.

And what about them DELUXE Action Cards?

Use ‘em if ya coots & yacks want a less simple game.  These cards can cause a dreadful fuss and add excitement when ya use ‘em.  They are “slapped down” to git extra protection and guaranteed luck when ya need it most.


The game is over as soon as someone gits 7500 points. BUT, keep playin’ so everyone gits one last turn to beat ‘em.  Once the final round is done, the player with the biggest whoppin’ heap of points wins!