Convoluted Crosswords Cubed™

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Crosswords with a literal twist…on dice!

We provide the instructions.  The directions are up to you!

Ages: 12+
Players: 1+
Contents: 15 Letter Cubes, 8 Twist-It-Up Cube, 1 Label Sheet and Instructions

Save $5 and apply your own labels!


How to Win: 
Be the player with the most points after all the rounds are played. 

Basic GamePlay:
It’s similar to the original Convoluted CrosswordsTM game that builds words with letter tiles but now it takes on a whole new dimension by cubing it!  It too is convoluted and a bit twisted! 

What’s Twisted?

  • Letters on black squares can be used in different orientations and most become different letters!
  • Words can be played right side up, upside down and sideways. 
  • New words can cross at one letter and use that letter as a completely different letter in a different orientation.
  • Swirls are worth zero points but can be used as any letter.
  • The Twist-It-Up cube adds point values, or even copy a great score!

What’s Different?

  • Each player tries to manipulate fifteen Letter cubes and the Twist-It-Up cube into the highest score possible—all within a limited amount of time.  
  • For added fun, challenge your opponent to use those same exact letters and score higher.  Play as an individual or on teams. The variations are almost endless especially when you buy different coloured sets. 



Let’s Go!

Start the timer and roll all sixteen cubes onto the playing area.  Correctly form as many intersecting words as possible. Halfway through, players may re-roll and attempt to get a better score.

Once the time is up, tally the points including points from the Twist-It-Up cube and add 25 Bonus points if all fifteen Letter cubes were used.

Continue until everyone has had an equal number of turns.  The player with the highest score wins!