Convoluted Crosswords™

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Crosswords with a literal twist!
We provide the instructions. The directions are up to you!

Ages: 12+
Players: 2+
Contents: 120 Quad Cards & 18 Twist-It-Up Disks and Instructions


How to Win:
Be the player with the most points once all the quad cards are played in a crosswords fashion.

Basic GamePlay:
It’s similar to other games that build words with letter tiles…but it is convoluted and a definitely twisted!

What’s Twisted? 
• Letters on black squares can be used in different orientations and most become different letters!
• Words can be played right side up, upside down and sideways.
• New words can cross at one letter and use that letter as a completely different letter in a different orientation.
• Swirls can be swapped and reused in a new word, and even become a different letter in that new word!
• Twist-It-Up disks vary the values, allow you to steal, trade letters, and even copy an opponent’s great score.


Let’s Go!
Start by forming a word with the Quad cards from your hand. Use a Twist-It-Up disk if possible.
Tally the letter points. Point values are different depending on the letter and the Twist-It-Up disk. Add twenty-five bonus points if you used all seven Quad cards.
Last Word!
Players continue taking turns and adding words that cross/intersect with the existing word(s). Play until the draw piles and a player’s hand is depleted. The remaining players get one more turn to make a word.
The player with the highest score wins!